Our company is very careful in its choice of suppliers for our medical products,especially  on cooperating with the Melt-Blown Non-Woven Fabric for our medical face mask. Today, we list several requirements and the product’s introduction for our suppliers to choosing the qualified Melt blown fabric.

Polypropylene Melt-blown Non-woven Fabric SHM25

Brief Introduction of Product

SHM25 is polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric developed and produced by Sinopec Company.

The product has the characteristics of environment-friendly, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, uniform gram weight distribution, high efficiency and low resistance, and stable acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

Product Use

It is used in the field of medical and health protection, for example, the filtration material in the middle layer of the mask. It can prevent the inhalation of particulate pollutants, reduce the damage of inhalable lung particulates to health, and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Product Performance

Serial Number




Test method


Mass per unit area



GB/T 24218.1


Coefficient of variation of mass per unit area




Width deviation



GB/T 4666


Breaking force

Crosswise Direction



GB/T 24218.3

Machine Direction



Elongation at break

Crosswise Direction



Machine Direction




Ventilation resistance



GB/T 32610-2016


Filtration efficiency of particulate matter




Appearance quality: white, no obvious color difference, no broken holes, no flying flowers, no foreign matters, no crystal points, no contamination.

Note 1: Crystal points refer to the punctured polymer particles present on the fabric.Note 2: Flying flowers refer to the consolidated fiber block or fiber strips with a convex surface formed by fluffy catkins/flying flowers present on the fabric.

Note: The data in this table are typical values of the product performance and are for reference only. Please refer to Quality Inspection Reporting Form for the actual data.

Package and Storage & Transportation

Polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric are packed in heavy-duty films and cartons. Sharp tools such as iron hooks shall not be used during transportation and handling. Do not mix with sand, coal and other goods during transportation, avoid the sun and rain. Polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric shall be stored in a ventilated, dry and clean warehouse, away from heat source, and direct sunlight shall be prevented.



Post time: Nov-18-2020