On March 6, 2019, Shandong Limeng held on the ceremory for new branch of factory. Limeng partners also participated in the event.

In order to expand company’s productivity and enrich more projects, Limeng Pharm’s invests 1.2 million pounds to purchase 10 acres lands. The new branch of factory will be constructed workshops for 4000 square meters. And it will be finished in 10 months.

At present, Limeng company has owned the modern traditional Chinese medicine, food supplyments, cosmetics production workshop, medical instruments workshop, dairy workshop and traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop, and all of them have passed the hundred-thousand purification workshop certificate. Our products were exported to Australia, USA, Puerto Rico and other countries and areas. It included the plant extracts, gummy candy, face masks and hand-free disinfectant and so on.

After the new branch of factory will be opened, the gummy candy projects will be expanded to four production lines in food supplements workshop. In the Medical instruments workshop, the areas will be expanded to 5000 square meters and expanded to 10 production line for producing the medical face masks and medical surgical face masks. The daily productivity will be on 2 million. The virus disposable sampling tube is also produced in our workshop.

Limeng Pharm’s is also cooperated with the SGS, Bsi Uk and other international famous Third-party testing agencies to certify the qulity management system, CE certification and so on to ensure the quality of products overseas.

The company advocates the enterprise management concept “Survive on Quality, Develop on Credit, Oriented with Technology, Profits on Management”. It strictly implements the relevant laws and legal regulations to perform the production and management, introduces the advanced management mode of effectively integrating the technology, production, market into the enterprise, and achieves the significant results, which lays the solid foundation for the enterprise to develop to another new level and create a brilliant century.

Post time: Oct-10-2020