On july 28, 2020, the relevant department of Shandong Provincial Food and Drug Administration authorized the third-party testing body, the SGS, had reviewed the Limeng pharm’s quality management system, which is based on international HACCP management system. The projects of food supplements, dairy powders and gummy candy were reviewed.

In the two days, the third party experts had finished comprehensive review of our quality management system. The content of inspection includes the hardware facility and software documents. The experts prior to check the raw materials, laboratory, workshops, production facilities, production equipments, and the detection equipments.
In the aspect of software, experts reviewed file documents, and according to requirements of HACCP, experts point out a couple of key conditions, which is based on the procedure of HACPP on the key control point and other points. Another, the training records, health governance and storage files were also checked.

Experienced two days’ checkout, the experts of SGS accepted our works on production and management, and hoped us to set higher demands on production procedure and management, which is based on HACCP.

According to results of review, our company organized the senior managers and employees for amending the non-conformance, and ensuring the procedure of HACCP in production. Everyone has responsibility to ensure our products healthy and accepted by market and customers. In the process of Limeng pharm’s development, we always keep to cooperated with the international famous testing bodies, such as the SGS, BSI UK , TUV and other bodies in order to our production system has a correct operation and ensure our products are accepted by oversea.

Post time: Oct-10-2020