On the eve of Chinese traditional Spring Festival, COVID-19 spreaded violently. Such epidemic that affected everyone has caused great harm to millions of people.

Since the outbreak, Shandong Limeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been making every effort to produce and donate masks, disinfectants and other materials. Limeng Pharmaceutical invested more than 5 million yuan to increase the medical mask workshop and 5 mask machines.

On February 25th, Enhao Liu, the CEO of Shandong Limeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. delivered donated disinfection materials and masks to seven institutions including prisons in Shandong Province. Among them, 1,000 barrels of 84 disinfectant and 1,000 bottles of disinfection materials donated to the hospital will be sent from the hospital to Wuhan for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Wuhan. A total of 5,600 bottles of 84 disinfectant and 1,200 barrels of 84 disinfectant were donated this time. Every piece of caring materials shows the corporate social responsibility of Limeng Pharmaceutical, and in this special period, practical actions are taken to support the epidemic prevention and control work.

Shandong Limeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of Chinese medicine for 26 years, and has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Jinan, an advanced unit with outstanding contributions to the health care industry in Shandong Province, a leading enterprise at the municipal level in Jinan successively. Besides, the Limeng brand trademark has been rated as a famous trademark in Jinan. Limon Pharmaceutical will always adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead", devote itself to being the pioneer of healthy food, and make contributions to the construction of "Healthy Limon and Healthy China".

Fight the epidemic together

With concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, we are in action. Limon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. took the initiative to assume corporate social responsibility, and spontaneously took the lead in fighting the epidemic. It rallied with the people of the whole country to overcome the difficulties, and made contributions to winning the battle against COVID-19.

Fight the epidemic together1
Fight the epidemic together2

Post time: Oct-10-2020