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Our company imported professional production equipment and advanced technology for producing the elastic ear loop band. The main raw material is chinlon and spandex. We can offer multi-colored ear loop band. This ear loop band is white color, and the width is 3mm of round. It is suitable for disposable flat type of medical or surgical face masks.
Usually, the ear loop band for face masks, its strength is 17 N.

We have bags or rolls package

Shipping can be done by air express quickly.

For the selection of disposable masks, it is better to choose disposable surgical masks, and the words of surgical masks will be displayed on the packaging.
Medical surgical masks are very good at preventing liquid spillage, among which the filtering effect of particles larger than 5 microns in the air is more than 90%. In terms of the ability to prevent the spread of bacteria and virus droplets, surgical masks are very good.Can prevent virus and bacterium to invade respiratory tract effectively, have the effect of insulate protection.It is generally composed of three layers, the outer layer is the waterproof layer, the middle layer is the filter layer, the inner layer is the comfort layer, often anti-allergy effect, and there are also nose and cheek and ear bands, the mask is more fit on the skin.At the same time, it is necessary to wear the mask correctly, in order to better play the role of protection.

Novel Coronavirus infection is particularly serious this year. Only if each of us consciously and self-discipline to do a good job of protection, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, keep social distance and make it a daily habit and conscious health behavior can we avoid the infection from novel Coronavirus.

A disposable medical mask or surgical mask should be worn in the following cases
1. Bus, taxi, coach, train and other public transport personnel and passengers.
2. All personnel in public places where people tend to gather, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, museums, gymnasiums, cinemas and theaters, assembly halls, workshops, Internet cafes, van elevators and so on.
3. All personnel in outdoor places such as parks and squares that cannot keep a social safe distance of more than 1 meter.
4. Work and service personnel in shops, restaurants, dining halls, hotels, all kinds of "small doors", corporate reception desks and other places.
5. Hospital staff seeking treatment, visiting or accompanying.
6. Migrant workers and service providers in nursing homes, welfare homes, prisons and mental health institutions.
Wear masks to protect you and me


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